The tools to help you discover a satisfying career and lifestyle.            

A built-in research center designed with your needs in mind.            
Activities to facilitate the process of self-discovery and career planning.
Tools to walk you through the creation of a comprehensive plan.
The tools and support you need to start achieving your dreams.

TransitionSpot for Family, Friends, & Other Supporters

TransitionSpot is designed with parents and teachers in mind as much as students and other adult users. As a supporter, you will create your own account with the purpose of monitoring the progress of others. As a supporter, you will have access to the following tools:

Career Matching: Simple questions, simple answers.
Upon completion of the Career Matching Quiz, a one-page report will be generated. This report is available to authorized supporter accounts to better understand the preferences and skills of the students and adults they are supporting in their journey.

Research Center: More job-shopping, less job-hopping.
To better evaluate the choices of the users you are supporting, we grant all users access to our research center. We’ve brought in career information from all over the web and arranged it in a way that is easy to read and understand. Our career details pages include relevant videos, descriptions and lists, plus sample budgets, job listings, education options, and comparisons of similar or related careers.

Career Planning: Setting goals, achieving dreams.
When a user completes a Career Plan, a single-page report is created documenting their chosen long-term goals, short-term goals, and essential next steps for education, employment, and lifestyle. This report can be downloaded as a PDF or printed for reference later.


Our internal messaging system was designed to facilitate transition-centered dialogue between our users and their support system. In addition, supporters may also sign up to receive relevant messages regarding resources, appropriate timelines, and suggested activities for the users they are supporting. Additionally, our supporters are invited to sign up for daily or weekly digest emails notifying them of upcoming to-do list items to help them better support and encourage their students.

We have developed a complete curriculum for users based on grade and chosen post-secondary education or employment. There are 15 lessons and 45 activities in each of 11 workbooks, and incorporate math, language, and critical reasoning skills while guiding students through the process of career research and planning.


User Profile
Each user with a paid membership has a profile page, making it easier for you, as a supporter to view in a single location all careers they have favorited, their complete to-do list, their career plan, career match results, and a timeline of upcoming and recently completed tasks.


Make a Plan

Use our tools to create a vision for your future.


Build Your Team

Use our site to bring together your entire support team, to encourage you along the way.


Get Things Done

Our built-in task manager will help you set goals and due dates for yourself, getting you on the right track to achieving your dreams.


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If you the person you are supporting has joined our site as part of a group, you can join for free, or if you’re looking to buy our services for someone you care about, you an also do that! 

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We love helping people make decisions about their future!

As a longtime secondary special education teacher, I have had experience with many vocational assessments. Often the information generated by these assessments was not useful to me in planning a student’s transition program. However, the Empower Vocational Assessment gives information that fits seamlessly into the transition pages of the IEP, saving me time and improving my ability to serve each student’s transition needs.