Features & Impact

TransitionSpot provides so many tools, sometimes it’s hard for teachers, counselors, and school administrators to see exactly how all of the pieces fit together, and how those tools will impact their students, and themselves. Check out the features to the right and their impact on teachers and administrators for more information!

How will the Career Matching Quiz help me as a teacher?

It will save you time
While most transition assessments require at least 30 minutes of your time, often one-on-one with each student, the TransitionSpot Career Matching Quiz is written on a fourth grade reading level and only takes students about 15 minutes to complete, usually without assistance. And since students can log in and take it anywhere they have access to the internet (like a computer lab), you can complete all of your assessments in a single sitting as a group.

The results are instant and easy to understand
You won’t have to wait to enter information into the transition pages of your IEP or discuss the results with your student. There’s also simple one-page printout of the results for documentation in your IEP for your convenience.

Results provide insight, not limits
Results from the quiz are used to show an individual match percentage on over 1,000 careers, rather than a short list of 10-20 compatible careers or broad career clusters.

Why do we need the Career Research Center?


Everything in one place.
Our Career Research Center provides information gathered from multiple sources to provide a convenient research tool, saving you and your students time going to dozens of websites. This helps keep your students engaged in the process.

And we do mean everything.
The Research Center provides detailed career descriptions including information on required education or training, skills needed, tools used, salary information, resources for finding mentors or job shadowing opportunities, similar and related careers, and responsible budgeting information.

Better tools for your students means less help from you.
We designed our research center like an online shopping experience, providing lots of easy-to-use filters and sorting options so your students can narrow down their options and find careers they might never have considered as good matches for them. We even offer a star rating system so students can favorite careers and compare them side-by-side later. And even though your students can do the research all on their own, it’s a great tool for classroom use too!

What is the Career Planner and why does it matter to me as a teacher?

Because students are able to complete our Career Planner independently, not only are they learning and engaging in crucial self-determination activities, they’re saving you a lot of the legwork in transition plan preparation. Students are able to choose from a wide range of grade/age and career choice appropriate goals and activities, which means they are taking ownership of their transition plan.

Copy. Paste.
Upon completion of the Career Planning tool, a simple, one-page Career Plan is available to the student and the teacher. Although our career plan is written in terms that are easier for students to understand [coordinated activities, anyone?], all of the fields can be copied directly to the transition pages of your IEP — saving you time, and giving the ownership back to the students. 


How does the Budget Builder work and how does it impact my students?

The TransitionSpot Budget Builder helps your students identify a realistic and responsible budget based on their lifestyle goals. They can use the “minimum salary required” to identify careers in the research center that will provide them the kind of lifestyle they seek in adulthood: from housing to hobbies to savings. It’s another tool to save you time in research and planning.

How does the Resume Writer work and how does it impact my students?

The TransitionSpot Resume Writer walks your students through the process of writing a complete combined resume. This can be used in class to replace other resume writing activities. The tool takes your students through each portion of the resume, bullet-point by bullet-point, offering points and advice for writing the best possible resume.

How and why should I use the TransitionSpot Messaging System?

When we talk to teachers, one of the biggest hurdles for them to overcome in providing transition coaching to their students is time. Many teachers are responsible for mainstreamed students they don’t have in class and rarely see, and both parties are often too busy to arrange regular face-to-face meetings. Our messaging system provides a convenient way for teachers to stay in contact with those students in a format that is convenient and comfortable for everyone involved. You can send a message to your student immediately in the same place you view their transition activities and progress.

What about the Online Classes?

This is another big hit with teachers. Many would like to do more transition activities with their students, but they don’t have the time to come up with activities that are appropriate for each student on an individual basis. So to make things easier, we’ve written curriculum in 4 different levels and 3 separate tracks for education or training, providing you a pool of over 300 different transition-related assignments or activities you can assign to your students as classroom activities, homework, extra credit, or credit recovery. 

How can I use the User Profile?

Instead of pulling files, manually updating progress reports, and searching through paperwork for the most recent version of a student’s transition assessment or transition plan, our student profile allows you to view the most current version of the student-generated plan and progress any time at the click of a button.

What is the Task Manager?

Each student account has a to-do list based on their career plan. They can add tasks, mark tasks as complete, and provide information about task completions. Teachers can access a report of students’ task list and progress toward achieving their goals. Moreover, with another click of a button, a report can be printed showing the student’s transition goal portfolio for parent progress reports and closing out IEPs.


Why do I need a Timeline?

The student timeline provides an easy way to view the progress of all of your students on a single page. And since we want to make the process as easy for teachers as possible, you can also sign up for a daily or weekly email digest showing upcoming and recently completed tasks for all of the students on your caseload, making it even easier for you to provide accountability, encouragement, and celebrations of success.

What's on the Dynamic Reports?

Our reports page provides teachers and administrators with a snapshot of their current membership registrations, quiz completions, career plan completions, task completions, average number of logins, and average session length. This can be broken out by student, teacher, site/building, or school district to make it easier to see who might need a little extra encouragement or help with the system.

Do I really need to read the blog?

Of course not. Like everything else in TransitionSpot, our blog is simply a resource that you can choose to make use of or not. The blog features articles about upcoming transition events, new features on the site, resources available to students and families, and information about transition for students. We also have a section of the blog dedicated to transition resources, including short descriptions of what they do, who they are meant to benefit, and how they can be contacted. We hope you’ll use it, and refer your parents to it. But you don’t really have to.