Frequently Asked Questions

We are dedicated to helping individuals discover and pursue fulfilling career paths throughout their lives. We also believe in building a community focused on the transition efforts of schools and teachers, to help them offer more effective services in a more efficient manner.

What age range is TransitionSpot designed for?


Our site is most often used by students ranging from 6th grade through college seniors. We believe it can be most proactively beneficial for users between the ages of 14-18, though we welcome anyone who might want to use the site for their career journey. We have had plenty of adult users join the site looking to find a more fulfilling career than their current profession.

What is the reading level of your tools and services?

Our career matching quiz is written on a fourth grade reading level. Our career planning tool is written on a 6th grade reading level. The information from our career research center is pulled from various sources, including the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and O*NET, and averages approximately a 10th grade reading level for dense text material. However, we include lots of charts and graphs, which are easy to understand at much lower reading levels.

What is the cost of your service?

The cost for individuals ranges from $60 per year to $180 per year. Discounts are available for organizations that desire to purchase memberships in bulk, as well as other membership options.

I'm a teacher, counselor, parent, or other supporter. What is the cost for my account?

Supporter accounts on TransitionSpot are always free of charge.