There was a time, not all that long ago, that many of the best and most dedicated college students spent at least some time in an internship for the career they wanted to pursue. College advisors would encourage students to consider internships as a good idea and potentially useful for their future employment. Those days are gone.


Getting an internship before you graduate from college is no longer a good idea. It’s almost an imperative.


Not only are internships an excellent way to land a job in your desired career field, they’re also a great way to decide if the career you think you want will really keep you interested and satisfied in the long-term.


Internships come in two flavors, the paid variety and the unpaid. Of course, paid internships have their obvious perks, but don’t turn away from the unpaid internships. The experience and professional connections can be a worthwhile long-term investment.


Paid internships tend to lead to more full-time jobs after completion, but both have a higher job-offer rate than going the no-internship route. Many employers now use internships as a sort of extended interview process, and the experience you can gain in an internship will be more valuable than your college education alone.


Forbes: Internships May Be The Easiest Way to Land a Job