Career Planning: High School Juniors

Junior year of high school is an excellent time to continue building a career plan. Some high school juniors have already started taking classes at local technology centers or vocational schools, and some have even begun to take concurrent coursework at their local colleges. Students who have already decided to go college have often begun taking AP courses if they are available and are planning to take the ACT or SAT.


By now, most students should have already taken a career assessment. We offer a comprehensive career matching system to help our clients find careers that not only match their interests and skills, but also their preferences for work environment, activity level and more. We don’t expect them to know exactly what they want to do right away, but we hope to point them in the general direction they might want to start looking. We believe that the more information a student has about careers he or she might be interested in, the fewer times they will change majors in college, and the less likely they are find themselves in jobs that they hate.


After coming up with a long-term goal (college, career school, or immediate employment), we recommend writing a complete career plan. A career plan should include long term goals, short term goals, and critical next steps.


Here are a few of the short-term goals we suggest our high school juniors start with:


– I will spend at least 30 minutes a week studying for the ACT and/or SAT

– I will take the ACT and/or SAT

– I will find out when the applications to colleges or training facilities of my choice are due


Our complete online career planner includes many other options. We encourage the setting of SMART goals, and we think discovering students’ lifestyle goals as well as their commitment to education and potential limitations in pursuing that education are important for setting relevant and achievable goals.