set SMART goals in wood type

We mentioned in our article What Is Career Planning? that there are two kinds of goals: long-term and short-term goals. When you create your career plan, you’re going to craft several of each. First, you’ll want to come up with your long-term goals.


We recommend setting long-term goals in the areas of education, career, and personal life. As you consider your long-term goals in these areas, make sure each one is:








Some examples of SMART long-term goals would be:


• I will complete an associate’s degree in graphic design by May of 2016.

• I will be employed as an automotive technician in Dallas, Texas by January of 2015.

• I will learn to crochet and complete a blanket for my mother by Christmas of 2014.


Notice that all of those goals begin with the statement “I will.” Not “I want to” or “I hope to” or even “I’ll try.” These goals are commitments you make to yourself to achieve your dreams.


Notice how else these are different from:

• I want to graduate from college.

• I hope to get a job in the auto industry.

• I will try to learn how to make a blanket.

Eventually, you will be writing your list of short-term goals based on these long-term goals, and the more specific you are with your long-term goals, the easier it will be to craft your short-term goals.